Monday, June 21, 2010

Allllllrighty! Here's my food blog! I'll be writing down what my meal plan looks like for the week and then photographing (when I get my camera) what I make (or when I eat out I'll show you what I had) and adding the recipes. Hope you enjoy 'cause here we go!

B- Egg, Chorizo, and Parmesan scramble sandwich on croissant
S - Odwalla bar
L - Spinach salad with parmesan, avocado, cucumber, tomato and blush wine dressing
S - Apple
D - Veggie and Tofu soup
S - Brownie
30min swimming and 30 min yoga

B - Whole wheat toast with Egg sprinkled with parmesan, coffee with skim and sugar
S - odwalla bar (another good one is the banana nut bar...omg yum)
L - Mokuteki cafe date with Eric (probably going to grab a wrap and fruit)
D - Beef Hot plate (cooked on a sizzling cast iron pan and brought out still cooking) and a Hard apple cider
1 hour stationary bike - 30 mins yoga

B- Feta spinach scramble
S - Odwalla bar
L - spicy chicken spinach salad with apples, cranberries, and feta
S - fruit cup
D - BBQ saute (potatoes, sausage, corn, onion, and bbq) and of course a cider
walk/jog - 30 minutes - 30 min yoga

B - Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey, cup milk
S - odwalla bar
L - spicy Tuna, spinach, avocado sandwich
S - Apple
D - chicken penne and homemade garlic bread
Going out with a girlfriend and dancing my butt off!!! That counts too!

B - Oatmeal and one egg
S - Odwalla bar
L - PB&Js (at Eric's request) and a fruit cup
D - Out with friends to a nice sushi place
Walking to and from restaurants and bars (yup, who knew I had so many friends to visit with here in little Misawa Japan?)

B - Odwalla bar and milk (quick breakfast cause we have to get to church at 8am...and we like sleep)
L - Brunch at the Clubhouse (they have an AMAZING spread here, But I will be conscious of what im eating and log it on sparkpeople when I get home)
S - Fruit cup
D - FAJITA NIGHT (another Eric request) with friends at our place
Rest day

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